With a wide range of music videos available on GTPL Music, we ensure that we cater to our viewers moods. Music is known to sooth our soul, relax our nerves acts as a stress reliever. Music also makes you groove and dance on its beats.  GTPL researches about its target audience and thus suitable music
is placed as per the requirement of the viewers.


We here produce shows which takes away the stress you carry all day, we provide you with thriller, suspense, comedy, romance and what not. Our main aim is to connect with you and provide you with the kind of show which you crave for.


“SindhuSabhyata” Sindhi-The Indo-Aryan language, one of the oldest, richest and unique culture which has its own taste of music, tradition, cloths etc…


Our GTPL BHAKTI is solemnly dedicated and set apart for a high purpose with justification to show our viewers a path to walk
on, in the light of truth and beliefs that the Omnipotent and Celestial Supreme Creator holds and uses at times.


Dayro is a way to make people aware about spirituality as well as to make youth aware about history of Gujarat.


Latest hits and those movies which lingers our memories and also the kind of movies which our parents love to watch or talk about are showcased by us over here to give you the opportunity to spend and get entertained with your family under one roof.


KATHA is a unique and otherworldly channel where sermonizers from different religions explain, elaborate and preach about their religions and show their followers their ideology
simplifying in the language they understand.